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Items featured may be purchased in studio while quantities last.

Prices are all in Canadian dollars.

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Eyelash extension - sealant

$35 - IN STOCK

Sealant (in clear) is specifically made for eyelash extensions. This product can be used daily to protect extensions from elements that break down the bond of the adhesive. It is similar purpose to a clear top coat on painted nails. It can be used with the mascara wand inside or with lip applicator brushes (also available in studio). Recommended to all clients, especially those with naturally oily skin, those who wear eye makeup daily, highly active clients (sports, gym, running, swimming, sauna, hot yoga), and clients who are going on vacation/to hot climates.

  • Protects extensions from oil, moisture and dust

  • Extends life of your eyelash extensions

  • 10ml bottle

eyelash extension - sleep/travel mask

$30 - iN STOCK (black)

These eye masks were made for the purpose of protecting eyelash extensions. They have a concave curve inside so that your lashes do not press against the eye mask. This is ideal to wear sleeping, while traveling, and even during massage appointments. Soft nylon fabric, velcro adjustable to fit any head.

Available in black, white flower pattern and navy flower pattern.


Theralid Eyelid cleanser

$20 - IN STOCK

Cleanser is a unique (ophthalmologist tested) cleansing formula that has been used on clients suffering from blepharitis with remarkable results. Proper cleaning of lashes is essential in preventing eye conditions that can happen when bacteria or pH levels are out of balance. This is an absolute must-have product for all lash extension wearers to maintain eye hygiene and health!

  • Gently but effectively removes eye makeup, and does not weaken lash extension bonds

  • Comes in a ready to use foam pump

  • Contains a pH balanced foaming agent.

  • Aids in eye health and comfort

  • 50 ml bottle

Eyelash extension - Disposable mascara wands

$5 for 12 or $.50 each - IN STOCK

  • Used to brush lash extensions daily

  • Can be used to apply sealant



Eyelash extension - mascara wand protector

$2 each - NOT IN STOCK

  • Keeps lint off of mascara wand

  • Great for keeping a mascara wand protected in a travel bag/purse

Screenshot-2017-11-25 Eyeliner (Pencil type w sharpener) for Eyelash Extensions.png

eyelash extension safe pencil eyEliner

$25 - IN STOCK

  • eyeliner pencil in black

  • sharpener included

  • designed specifically for eyelash extensions

  • strong eyeliner that does not smear with sweat or tears

  • oil free

eyelash extension safe liquid eyelineR

$25 - not in stock

  • liquid eyeliner in black

  • precision brush tip

  • designed specifically for eyelash extensions

  • oil free

  • 5ml bottle

black eyeliner 1.jpg


eyENVY WATERPROOF pencil eyEliner

$23 - IN STOCK

  • exclusively sold in salons and medi-spas

  • eyeliner pencil in khol jet black

  • waterproof and smear proof

  • easy glide and long wear for the waterline

  • a smooth application with every twist

  • auto sharpens, non retractable

  • helps to condition the natural lashes, improving length, volume and thickness


$32 - IN STOCK

  • exclusively sold in salons and medi-spas

  • mascara in black

  • designed specifically to be used with eyenvy serum

  • contains 20% of eEyenvy serum in it to help maintain growth produced using Eyenvy serum



eyenvy lash growth serum

$75 (2.0mL) - IN STOCK

$106 (3.5ML) - NOT IN STOCK

Eyenvy lash growth serum will enhance your natural lash line. You will develop longer, fuller and stronger lashes. This is a great option to use with eyelash extensions: if you have naturally short lashes, you will be able to apply longer and heavier extensions as your natural lashes get stronger and longer. It is also a great alternative to those who cannot retain extensions well, who touch their extensions a lot, who are taking a break from extensions and for clients with sensitivities or are allergic to adhesive used for lash extensions. When you reach your optimal/maximum (3 months) lash goal, it is only needed every other day to maintain. Combine your dream lashes with a lash lift & tint, and Eyenvy mascara for the ultimate lashes.

  • exclusively sold in salons and medi-spas

  • can be used with eyelash extensions

  • oil free

ag hair natural line

98% natural hair products. The main ingredient is apple cider vinegar.

  • paraben free

  • sulphate free

  • gluten free

  • salt free

  • no animal testing

  • 10% of proceeds go towards building schools for girls in Kenya