let your eyes do the talking



Each client receives a unique set of lashes, to complement their eyes and facial features. Clients can choose a few customization's to create the ultimate look desired.

Material: synthetic mink (natural, tapered 3/4 of the extension, matte) or silk (fuller & dramatic, tapered 1/4 of the extension, velvety finish), flat lashes (not natural, dark, dramatic, lashes are flattened to look thicker without adding weight)

Colour: black, espresso, brown, warm brown, black to purple ombre, black to blue ombre

Curl: gentle curl/romantic curl (J,B) or max curl/mid/dramatic curl (C,CC,D) or curl for hooded eyelids (L, L+)

Length: add a little length, some length or a lot of length compared to your natural lashes

Pattern: natural, cat eye, squirrel, babydoll & more

Set: full set, half set, only outer edges (about 1/4 done) flirty cat eye result *prices vary

Type: Classic (1 extension :1 natural) , Hybrid (mix), Volume (1-6 extensions :1 natural)



1 extension per natural lash

Approximately 1.5-2 hours

Results are lashes that are separated, only as full as natural lash line, thick diameter extensions are used. Not recommended to clients with naturally sparse lashes.



A mix of classic and volume

Approximately 2-2.5 hours

Results are lashes that are a bit fuller than the natural lash line allows, while having the dramatic thick diameter lashes to break up the fluffiness.



2-6 extensions per natural lash

Approximately 2.5-3 hours

Results are lashes that are dense/full and fluffy, not separated. Thin diameter extensions are used to create fans by hand at appointment.

Eyelash Extension fills

Eyelash fills are typically booked every 2 to 3 weeks. This varies between clients as some may have faster shedding cycles than others. After care is also a huge factor as to how long the extensions will last. Be sure to follow aftercare closely for the healthiest, longest lasting extensions. This also depends on how full you want them to look/how sparse you are willing to wear them.

*Less than 40% extensions left will be charged a new set price or will only be filled based on the scheduled appointment time and rate.


Patch tests

Patch tests are free of charge. Available upon request and highly recommended for clients who have sensitive skin, especially to makeup and other products.

15-20 extensions will be applied to each eye. Any reactions should appear within 48 hours.

If you have experienced an allergic reaction to eyelash extensions in the past, it is not recommended to try them again. Once a client develops an allergy, it is not likely to change. However, a lash lift is a great alternative to eyelash extensions.


Unsure of what kind of extensions to get?

I will happily recommend or decide for you during our consultation. I look at the shape of your eyes, the space between your lash line and eyebrows, and consider your makeup routine all to determine what lashes to use for the perfect outcome.


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Loyalty cards are available for frequent lash extension clients.

Every 8th visit is FREE!

*Card is non-transferable

*Lost cards can be replaced but will lose one punch

*card must be presented at time of lash fill/lash set to receive a punch

*1.5 hour lash fill max at time of redemption (can go towards a new set and will be charged accordingly)

*no cash value



Top: Before lash lift & tint  Bottom: After lash lift & tint

Top: Before lash lift & tint

Bottom: After lash lift & tint


Flexible silicone shapers and gentle perm solutions are used. Gentle, moderate and maximum curl options are available. No more lash curlers needed, it lasts for 6-8 weeks and your lashes will stay curled even when wet. Lash lifts are perfect for clients allergic to adhesive used for extensions, athletes, tropical holidays and clients with naturally long lashes. Can combine with tint.


Top: Natural blonde brows and lashes  Bottom: Lash lift, tinted lashes, tinted brows

Top: Natural blonde brows and lashes

Bottom: Lash lift, tinted lashes, tinted brows


Dying the lashes and brows to any desired colour. This is great for blonde/”invisible” hair. I carry reds, browns, blue-blacks, blonde (bleach) and can blend to create virtually any colour. Tinted lashes will become noticeable and you may not require mascara anymore. Tinted brows can help frame your face.  Tint lasts 3-4 weeks and can combined with a lash lift.