there's no better compliment than an eyebrow compliment


Every client receives unique brows to complement their eyes and facial features. Clients can choose a few customization's to create the ultimate look they desire.

Options for microblading & microshading

Colour: Any shade of black, brown, red, blonde and gray can be created. Cool-undertones and warm-undertones as well as colour modifiers are blended into the perfect coloured pigment.

Shape: straight brows (no arch), subtle arch, dramatic arch

Arch: no arch, rounded arch, pointy arch

Size: Any width and length of choice. A special method to measure the "golden ratio" for the perfect set of brows is used, but you can modify or adjust the predraw before we start the procedure.

Thickness: thin, average, or thick

Options ONLY for microblading

After microblading

After microblading

Hair stroke direction: a sleek clean style, messy fluffy brows, standing straight up to mimmic gelled brows or natural

Hair coarseness: fine, coarse

Results: realistic hair strokes that mimmic natural brow hair


After microshading

After microshading

Shading: ombre (lighter at bulbs and darkest at tail ends), or solid the whole way

Density: saturated and bold or faint and powdery

Results: looks similar to filling in with makeup

Brow CONSULtATIONS & Patch Tests

We will go over your medical history, risks involved, provide you with information for your questions and concerns, discuss your goals, view portfolio photos for inspiration, pencil in a trial shape to visualize the final product, determine whether to get microblading, microshading or combo brows.

There is a possibility of an allergic reaction to the numbing agent and/or pigments used.  A patch test is offered however it does not ensure a client will not have an allergic  reaction after the full procedure.

Touch ups

  • These initial treatments are a two step process. 99% of clients will require the complimentary touch up. The complimentary touch up is where we have a chance to add more pigment, make adjustments to shape, and colour. Your skin will naturally want to reject the pigment so we will also go over any areas that did not retain the pigment well. We will ease in to your brows the first session, going a bit lighter with colour as well as smaller than desired shape. This allows us to make them bigger or go darker. It is much easier to add pigment than take away. You should have your dream brows in 12-20 weeks from your initial appointment. Two sessions are typically sufficient for desired results, however some clients may require additional touch ups (will be charged accordingly).


  • Initial appointment is approximately 2-2.5 hours. First touch up is complimentary, only when be booked 6-10 weeks. After 10 weeks, the the touch up is no longer complimentary.


  • Mini touch ups are for minor tweaking only, such as a few bare/faded patches, desire for added hair strokes. Regular touch ups are for full brows, price dependent on fading. Touch ups are only available to current clients. If you have previous work done from another technician, you will require a consultation.

See full price list here.


Brow Lamination


Gentle perm solutions are used. Your brows can be sleek and manicured, or a fluffy "boy brow" look is achievable for ALL brows big and small. It lasts for approximately 6 weeks. Brow lamination is perfect for clients who want a middle step before taking the leap to microblading or those who are not candidates for microblading. It is perfect for clients who use brow gel daily, or have natural cowlicks or curly brow hair because the hairs can be tamed and manipulated in a shape/direction that we desire. It can be combined with tint.