Proper aftercare is crucial to all services provided. Please follow the guidelines listed strictly to ensure the best results possible.


+ For the first 72 hours following your treatment

Following your Scalp micropigmentation treatment, to retain pigment in the skin, you must give your scalp time to heal.

  • No high impact activities that cause increased heart rate and excessive sweating. For example: playing sports, going for a workout, running.
  • No water, creams, lotions, shampoo, or other products on your scalp. You will be provided a disposable shower cap. Make sure your head stays dry when you shower.
  • No shaving your head with a razor blade. If you must, only gently use an electric foil shaver. If you see scabbing or flaking, do not shave for an additional 24-48 hours.

+ On day 4 after your treatment

  • You may resume light activity, light shower, and light moisturizing.
  • You should begin using a daily sunscreen with a minimum 30 SPF and a hat. Sunscreen is important, even on cloudy days as UV rays are still present and damaging. Sun is the most threatening element for your Scalp micropigmentation. Prolonged sun exposure or sunburns may cause undesirable pigment fading. A touch-up may be required which will not be covered by your warranty If you plan to have prolonged sun exposure, especially without sunscreen and a hat.

+ For 14 days post treatment you should NOT

  • Use self-tan lotion or spray tan
  • Swim in a lake, ocean, or pool
  • Go in a stream room or sauna
  • Use any hair dyes or colour

After 10 days, you may start to use a mattifying lotion. Our patients like “Nano Blur” available at most drugstores such as Shopper’s Drug Mart and Rexall. L’Oreal has a matte lotion for men in their line as well.



Brows may secrete clear liquid, blot off with paper towel to prevent a thick crust from developing (thick crust/scab will likely pull pigment with it).

Any swelling or redness should subside by the next day.


Brows will be much darker a couple days after treatment, and will stay this dark until the scabs flake off.

Your revealed hair strokes will look way lighter than the dark scabs, please trust that the pigment is still there. Be patient and wait to see the brows once all scabs have flaked off.

Once all scabbing has flaked off, if they are very faint or there are patches that are not visible, do not worry. The brows need a full skin cycle to see the end product, this is why we give them 6-8 weeks before getting your subsequent touch up. The colour should resurface and any spots where pigment did not retain will be done at your touch up.


Wash brows before bed with a lukewarm water and mild soap, pat dry.

Put a clean pillowcase on your pillow.

+ DURING HEALING 7-10 days

You will be given instructions to either dry heal or use cream depending on skin type.

Dry healing clients: do not apply any products to brows and keep as dry as possible.

Cream healing clients: apply a thin layer to brows 2-3 times a day.

KEEP YOUR BROWS DRY aside from instruction mentioned above.

Avoid saunas, hot yoga, swimming, working out. Sweating increases risk of infection, and the actual sweating can promote pigment to push out.

Do not have brows hit directly by water stream when you shower. This is to keep them dry as well as avoid risk of the pressure from the water prematurely pulling scabs off.

Avoid sun exposure and tanning beds, it can cause pigment to heal ashy.

Do not use polysporin, vaseline or anti-bacterial ointments on brows.

Do not pick, peel, or scratch brows scabs.

  • The pigment will not retain and you will risk patchiness, scarring and possibly infection.
  • Keeping the scabs on as long as possible will keep the pigment in tact.

To clean area, be sure to have washed hands as there are open wounds susceptible to viruses, bacteria and fungi.

They will be itchy, do not scratch them. If it is an unbearable itch, I would use a finger to apply pressure to itchy area.

Do not apply makeup to the brows or have any other cosmetics on them until all scabs have flaked.

Keep your fringe away from your eyebrows for the first 3 days to avoid exposure to bacteria

The healthier you are, the better the pigment retention.

  • Drink plenty of water to keep skin hydrated. *Eat a healthy diet.
  • Smoking will result in less pigment retention.


Keep them protected with SPF (sun screen). The more sun exposure, the quicker the fading.

They will last 1-3 years before completely fading, this varies for each client.

  • Skin type. Oilier skin turns over faster, therefore pigment fades quicker.
  • Age, older skin retains pigment less than younger skin.
  • After care during healing.
  • If you exfoliate a lot, try to avoid brows. This includes physically exfoliating, chemical exfoliates (Retin-A, Glycolic Acid), chemical peels.
  • Lighter blonde pigments will fade quicker than darker colours.



Do not get lashes wet. If you must, bath or shower in cooler water (less steam) without getting face wet. Then use a wet cloth to wipe your face without getting eye area wet.

Avoid sauna, hot yoga, tanning bed, excessive steam and heat.


Do not wear mascara.

Do not pick, sweep or pull your lashes.

Constant touching can loosen the bond and pop the extensions off, picking can pull lashes out from the root.

Do not use a clamp lash curler.

Cleanse your lash line every day to prevent skin, oil, debris build up. Use a cleanser designed for extensions or gentle oil free soap. Pat lashes to dry.

If left alone, the natural oils can wear down the adhesive and extensions may not last as long. There is also a possibility of infection, the most common infection is blepharitis.

Use oil free products (makeup, cleanser, makeup remover, moisturizers and creams)

Brush your lashes often, especially after showers and sleep

Try to sleep on your back

Be cautious when opening hot ovens, using hair dryers, lighting smokes/using lighters, around BBQ's and camp fires. Excessive heat can singe the tips of the extensions and they will look fuzzy at the ends. In severe cases the extensions can melt together.

Use a sealant every day or every other day. Sealants are highly recommended if you are very active, going on a hot vacation, or don't retain extensions well. Think of a sealant like a clear coat on nail polish, it adds a protective layer against external elements. Sealants are available to purchase in studio.



Do not rub, sweep or touch lashes.

Do not get lashes wet, this includes swimming, saunas, showers, tanning bed.


Do not use waterproof mascara.

Some makeup removers can cause premature loss of curvature.

Excessive exposure to sauna and steam, the higher chance that lash curvature is weakened.



Do not rub, sweep or touch lashes or brows.

Do not get lashes or brows wet, this includes swimming, saunas, showers, tanning bed.

Do not wear makeup on lashes or brows.


Do not use waterproof mascara.

Some makeup removers can cause premature loss of tint.

Excessive exposure to sun/UV, the quicker the tint fades.